Do you dream of growing your own fresh, organic food?

Getting started gardening can be exciting, and it can feel daunting. 

Your teachers, Natalie Bogwalker and Chloe Lieberman share experience-based, practical instruction for growing their top ten vegetables to really fill your plate, belly, and larder. We put together this class so that you can begin with the crops that are most likely to be successful and rewarding. Or, if you've got some experience gardening but want to expand your repertoire, this course will help you do so in a way that makes sense and yields abundantly. 

The video course includes:

  • Our favorite varieties of each crop for homestead use
  • General growing guides for each crop (when to plant, where to plant, etc.)
  • What has worked and what hasn’t in our real-world gardens
  • Ways to work each crop into a small, medium or larger-scale situation
  • Tips and ideas for preserving the harvest
  • A transcript of the instruction in English and Spanish
  • Una transcripción de la instrucción en inglés y español

This course guides you toward sowing seeds that will yield some serious sustenance.

The 1 hour and 20 minute long video course is accompanied by a 24 page course manual that covers details mentioned in the video, plus a lot more. We’ve included tons of resources for further learning, like links to nine free articles from Wild Abundance, ten of our favorite books, and suggestions for sourcing high-quality, organic, open-pollinated seeds that are well adapted to your bioregion and have been bred for the home gardener. 

We believe that growing food is foundational to self-sufficiency, and to thriving through good times and bad.

With this course, we’re thrilled to be sharing our passion, and our experience to uplift your inspiration and guide you in the right direction. 

May your garden grow bountifully!

Are you ready to take your food security into your own hands?

There is no credit card or payment needed, it's our gift to you!


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